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Kirovohrad region is a land located in the very heart of Ukraine, rich in its natural resources. It is also rich in its talented people who make every effort towards welfare of their native land glorifying it in the state and in the world. The sense of the Regional State Administration�s plans and activity consists in supporting gifted compatriots and facilitating the most rational use of natural resources to ensure effective vital activity of the region.

The fertile black earth of Kirovohrad region, favourable natural and climatic conditions, skillful workers and farmers made it possible to create a powerful and well-developed agro-industrial complex. The advantageous geographical position enhances these opportunities, provides more intensive development of agriculture and establishment of trade and economic relations with other regions. This is mostly facilitated by a well-developed highways system, railroads, as well as closeness to sea-ports and the Dnieper river.

The industrial sector of the region is characterised by a powerful network of machine-building plants, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises. The basis for its development includes mineral resources potential of Kirovohrad region, professional and technical specialists and scientists working in machine-building sector. The commodity market of modern machinery of domestic manufacture is unlimited, that is why this sector is the most attractive for investment.

The Regional State Administration pays much attention to the development of small businesses and farms, promoting year-on-year increase in crediting.

Tourism is also a very promising sector. The information about activities and stay in Kirovohrad region of famous playwrights, poets, writers, painters, musicians, military leaders, composers, cosmonauts, teachers and agriculturists remains in people�s memory. The great poet and national prophet Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko visited Kirovohrad region.

Kirovohrad region is considered a cradle of Ukrainian dramatic art. The famous historical and cultural memorial � museum-reserve "Khutir Nadiya", where prominent Ukrainian playwright and theatre figure Ivan Karpovych Tobilevych (Karpenko-Karyy) lived and created his works, is situated in the region. The glorious traditions of Ivan Tobilevych, Marko Kropyvnytskyy, Maria Zankovetska are being continued at present. Actors of Kirovohrad Regional Music and Drama Theatre named after M. Kropyvnytskyy present their premieres to the audience and gladden the admirers' hearts with favourite classic performances.

The favourable investment climate and well-developed infrastructure of Kirovohrad region attract all who are interested in mutually beneficial co-operation and search for new ways of effective partnership. We have many positive examples of mutually beneficial collaboration with Ukrainian and foreign partners.
We hope for mutually beneficial relations with our partners and invite everybody to co-operation!

Head of Regional State Administration

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